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Live the Impossible Show

Jul 12, 2021

The Biggest Mind Control of WWII unravelled by William Toel a speaker and author with experitize in politics, economics and a positive vision for Germany. William shares the unknown story of part of Bletchley Park a top secret intelligence unit in the UK during WWII aimed at destroying the German psyche forever. He is making it his mission to tell the truth to the German people and to help them wake from a long slumber and bring their true genius into the world. Were millions of German teenagers starved to death after the war? Are the German government still a puppet for the allies? How many German words were removed from use by this psyop? How do the Germans reclaim their heart and soul?

William Toel, born in the U.S. in 1945, is a speaker and author with a positive vision for Germany. For more than 30 years he has been a keen observer and predictor of developments in Germany, interviewing and advising key individuals. Through his experience William has become an expert on the German Economic, Political and Social Model and has given engaging presentations to many organizations and conducted incisive interviews with the press. Some of William’s career highlights include: Captain and Company Commander, U.S. Army; President of the second largest U.S. cash grain exchange; Bank Founder and President/CEO; and runner-up for the U.S. Senate. Since the late 1980’s he has lectured at top universities in the US and Germany, teaching courses on International Business, Economics and Finance; post-graduate Global Marketing; Quantitative Methods; and a highly effective Honors seminar he designed called “How to Thrive in the Global World”. For the past three decades William and his wife, Lisa, have spent much of their time helping German people understand why it is good to be German. In the Spring of this year they published a booklet called “Es ist gut Deutscher zu sein” which has already been read by more than 150,000 people.

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